Cloud Servers


Cloud Servers

Servers, only fluffier

Let your servers fly by taking advantage of our network of reliable, dynamic and scalable cloud servers.


No, our servers aren’t daydreaming. Their heads may be in the cloud, but their sockets are firmly rooted in our data center. Virtualization harnesses the full power of our network of servers, pushing your computing into the cloud and giving you unprecedented flexibility and control.


You choose the space and bandwidth you want, and in the cloud you only pay for what you use. With cloud servers you can scale up or down at the drop of a hat. Instead of taking hours or days to get an extra server up and online, in the cloud you can deploy new server instances in minutes. If you have unpredictable or seasonal traffic, you can respond nimbly to increases in traffic without over spending on resources you hardly use. With the computing load balanced across multiple machines, you’ll never have to worry about traffic spikes affecting your performance. And our reliable, redundant network ensures your data is always safely stored.


In the cloud you get all the power and control of owning or renting a server, minus the cost, headaches and upkeep of maintaining the hardware yourself.  Our friendly staff is there to monitor and manage the network. With reliable performance and dynamic scalability, cloud servers are a breeze.