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It takes a lot of work to keep information flowing through the bright tubes of the internet. At TelosHost we have more than 10 years of managed hosting and infrastructure experience, and an unmatched passion for servers. We have a a soft spot in our hearts for lightning speed and state of the art technology, but we know that a good hosting experience is as much about the customer as it is about the machines.


With TelosHost you get can always expect customer service that is responsive, personal, and hands-on. We’re experts in hosting consulting, and when standard packages aren’t enough we’re here to work with you on custom solutions that meet to your specific needs. We’re as passionate about building relationships with our clients as we are about configuring our servers.


We’re know that every client, every company, and every website has unique hosting needs. TelosHost is here to work with you to meet those needs and deliver the best hosting experience possible.


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