Cloud Servers

Servers, only fluffier

Let your servers fly by taking advantage of our network of reliable, dynamic and scalable cloud servers.

No, our servers aren’t daydreaming. Their heads may be in the cloud, but their sockets are firmly rooted in our data center. Virtualization harnesses the full power of our network of servers, pushing your computing into the cloud and giving you unprecedented flexibility and control.



Virtual Data Center

Outsource your data center

Give your overworked IT department a break (they need it), and let TelosHost become your virtual data center.

If you’re IT department is pulling out their hair over server maintenance and upkeep, outsource your data center and let us do the heavy lifting. With a TelosHost virtual data center, you get all the power of owning your servers, without the time and headaches of keeping and maintaining them in house.



Website Hosting

Plans for every size

Whether you’re a blogger looking to host your first website or a seasoned e-commerce site selling the next big thing, we have a variety of web hosting options to meet your needs.

One size fits all may be great for baseball caps, but it’s not great for website hosting. We know that Grandma’s knitting blog has different needs than a high powered, enterprise-class website, and we have hosting options that are perfect for everything between.



Custom Solutions

Tailored to you

If you don’t quite know what you need, or if you want something beyond most standard hosting packages, we’ll help you find a custom solution that fits better than a pair of designer jeans.

If it’s your first time navigating the tricky waters of website hosting, or if you’ve tried other web hosts but have never quite found the right plan, TelosHost is here to pull out the measuring tape and give you a custom fit.