Virtual Data Center


Virtual Data Center

Outsource your data center

Give your overworked IT department a break (they need it), and let TelosHost become your virtual data center.


If you’re IT department is pulling out their hair over server maintenance and upkeep, outsource your data center and let us do the heavy lifting. With a TelosHost virtual data center, you get all the power of owning your servers, without the time and headaches of keeping and maintaining them in house.


There’s no initial investment in infrastructure and no depreciation from aging hardware, so your can keep your ROI high by by ditching the overhead of buying and maintaining it yourself. If you’re looking to expand your capabilities, but lack the staff or technical knowledge to maintain your own servers, virtualize your data center.


Your virtual data center is controlled and deployed through your browser, so you get to work in a virtual environment you’re comfortable with. We’ll keep the physical hardware running, giving you maximum uptime and all the computing power you could need. You get the control of keeping a data center in house without the hassle or cost of doing it yourself.


With TelosHost you’ll get great customer service-- our eyes and engineers are monitoring network performance 24/7. So while your IT department is out enjoying Mai Tai’s or learning to Samba, we’ll be here managing your virtual data center.